Sunday, January 12, 2014

CoCo 2014 Ready, Set...

OK, I know I haven't posted for a year, however, I loathe reading or writing excuses, so I am just going to start back up.  Here is what I have collected so far for costume college.  I am so excited to be going.  At first it seemed that a whole group of us were going to go, then I and my daughter, and now it is just me!  That will be an adventure.  I have interesting times when I do things by myself and meet some pretty interesting folk that I might have missed if I were with a group.  I need to post pictures of the vintage luggage I have been collecting for this trip, I intend to arrive in style!  I will wait until it is all cleaned up and ready to go, before I take pictures.  This grand pile on the table is only the start, there will be more to come.  Some of this is for costumed events and some just pretty vintage stuff to wear out and about or to dinner in the evening.  Behind it all is my lovely Black velvet, you can't see much of it, but look for more information when I start posting about my court dress project.  There are lovely fabrics, fun cottons with cherries, (watch for a cherries hat!), silks with butterflies, houndstooth wool, navy shantung,  seaside colors in linen, and some wonderful cream, gold and brown scored from the clearance tables.  Some is from my stash and some new purchases.  There are things I made this past year that may go and new items to spruce them up.  It will be fun.  I thought about joining the Historical fortnightly, however, I have enough deadlines in my workaday world, I don't need them in my sewing world.  Just getting done in time for CoCo will be deadline enough.  I will try to post my progress and be a better blogger.  So feast your eyes on the fabric goodness and I am off to cut some linen! 

Happiest of New Sewing Year 2014!

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