Thursday, November 8, 2012

23 Skidoo Shoes

That clever girl has done it again, fabulous shoes, and a darling photo shoot to launch them.  I must admit, I am seriously contemplating getting the all white and dying with some Navy color.  You see, several years back I went to Costume College in LA and bought bags, and bags, and bags, and....of fabric on the bus field trip to the garment/fashion district.  The local girls were laughing at me.  Well, how often do they think an Oregon girl is gonna get down there?  I had to buy a lot, you all understand, don't you?  So any way, I bought some pretty navy shantung fabric and in the vendors room, I purchased several of Decades of Style's 20's pattens in the vendor room.  The designer of these patterns, is a lovely gal, tall and svelte, and drafts patterns beautifully!  So now I should get some shoes to make it all work, shouldn't I?  So family take note, in case you are wondering what I would like for oh, Christmas, Birthday, Ground Hog Day, Any Day!  Pretty much anything in the Duchess's shop!

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