Saturday, November 10, 2012

Can this Pet be saved?

No, this is not about an animal!  I was going to Costume College for the first time in 2009 and the theme was court of Marie Antoinette.  I needed to whip up a few items to wear and as usual when in a hurry, things don't turn out the way you planned.  I had this amazing fabric about four years before on clearance in a small shop in Springfield, Oregon and it was just shy of 4yards.  I didn't have a clear plan in mind, however, I think stripey Pets were in the back of my mind.  A few years after, I had purchased the Rocking Horse Farms Pet en l'air pattern and so I made it up.  I had hoped to find a black on black stripe to use as a petticoat with it, but couldn't locate any in time.  I loved the pink fabric of the petticoat in the first picture, but it didn't go so well with the Pet.  I had no idea what CoCo was like and didn't know how good the costumes should be.  I didn't even know how much costume was worn, and the gal I emailed during the registration process said a lot didn't even wear costume, so I only brought a couple things and didn't worry too much about making them nice.  Well, as those of you who have been there know, that isn't a good plan.  If I go again, I will know better.  So here is the Pet in it it's first incarnation:

I didn't like the way the bows pulled the bottom together and it didn't lie right over the small hip pad with hoop.  I really have to explore how to get a pannier look for the large woman that doesn't make me look like a frigate in full sail.

I added a stomacher with gold fabric covered buttons:

I needed to improve the drape of the pleats in the back, they were stitched down but still didn't have the right look.  I added lacing strips in the back to adjust the fit and ultimately they improved to the lie of the whole jacket.

So now the look is greatly improved with a petticoat of the perfect fabric.  I finally found it last year in Seattle at that fabric store that begins with a J.  I am much happier with it now and it looks much better on.  The darling stripey fabric deserved a second try.

I really love the box pleated ruffle at the hem.  I had thought about adding a little touch of gold at the hem or elsewhere.  I really don't like the idea of doo-dadding up the skirt.  So perhaps a touch at the sleeve, a ruffled cuff of gold peaking out.  Or some type of fichu that adds a little golden touch. 
So as to the pattern.  It was fairly easy to work with, the sizing seemed to run true. I used the Queen size 24-26.  It is designed to fit a bust up to 48", however, it is loose so fits larger busts.  The addition of the stomacher added greatly to the circumference, so the back lacing was needed to tame it.  It also improved the fit.  I might use the pattern again.  I did get satisfactory results without too much extra adjustment.  I think I might be even happier if I
draped my own. 

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