Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Ghost of Christmas Past

I have been ill for quite some time, and I won't bore you with details, as I found it incredibly boring to experience, so I know you don't want to hear.  I am going to put up some photos of the Christmas decorating I did get done before I got worse, then I will follow with some costume stuff and other posts. 

Here is my white themed tree.  I wanted a small treed this year and went with white for the first time ever as I thought it would look well against my pale spruce walls.  I chose only white, clear glass and gold from my stock of Christmas decorations for it.  Don't you think the little white cherubs beneath look sweet?  I found the prettiest new ornaments in Seattle when visiting my daughter at this lovely shop.  You have to get close to see they are snowflakes, they added an iridescent sparkle to the little tree.


On my shelves I went with my "North Pole Village" and a Santa collection.  I was hoping for a Victorian ephemera look.  Another new thing this year, was to frame some old Christmas cards in some simple white frames I got at Ikea last summer for the purpose.
Here is my needlepoint nativity that I bring out each year.  It is one of my favorite needleworks from a kit.  I scatter nativity scenes about the house, since that is what Christmas is all about.  I love my new bell jar and think the gold and snow frosted trees with the white figures went well with my white theme tree.

 Last of all are pictures of my lovely Matryoshka doll that I bought in Sitka, Alaska on my wonderful trip this year. ( Post to come of that.)  I had the luck to be there in September at the end of the season and was able to get her for half price, as I would never have been able to afford such a finely painted one otherwise.  I loved having her near my wonderful dry flower arrangement that I got in Pikes Market from Seattle.  I had quite the time making the ten hour drive home with luggage and passengers and what not and not getting the flowers crushed.  It made it very well in the box I had brought for the purpose.  Then there are a couple vignettes from my bedroom decor, you might even get a peek at my sweet daughters one Christmas when they were small. 
Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year!

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