Saturday, June 14, 2014

Vintage Luggage for Costume College 2014

Since the theme for Costume College this year is accessorize, I thought it would be fun to have vintage luggage to take with me.  I had looked at some older stuff from the Amelia Earhart line, however, I stumbled onto some pieces that matched an old suitcase I all ready had.  When I graduated from high school my Aunt had bought me a cute plaid suitcase that had a vintage vibe of the 50's, in 1977.  The ad for the luggage on ebay dated the pieces from the 1950's, but since their construction and materials are exactly the same as mine, I doubt it.  I didn't argue with the seller since it was very cheap and I knew what I was getting.  I was tickled to be able to find stuff to match.  The plaid was the same, however, the vinyl parts were black instead of green as my original piece.  Here is my trusty old grasshopper case:

It took me back and forth from the US to Europe, round and about for years and was still in great shape to be used by my children for their first trips.  I cleaned it inside and out and restored the vinyl with a good cleaner and it looks pretty good.  
I had also been given a red hat case my mom had owned from the 1950's that I cleaned up as it is in great shape as well.  So it will spark up the plaid collection and be great for hats and hair pieces that are going with me.  

The larger grasshopper and the tote on the right were one ebay purchase and the large garment bag another.  I think the garment bag might be slightly older as it has some differences in construction and the fabric has similarities but more color.  The thing I love about it is that it is long enough to take some serious costume dresses and quite wide.  The seller of the garment bag didn't claim any age for it, however, it might be from the 50's or 60's.  All the pieces, (except the red bag), were made by the Atlantic company.  I am having fun buying, and getting ready to use them all.  I had wanted to get more pieces from the collection when I was younger but never had the chance.  By the time I was able to buy nice luggage, times had changed and I have a lovely matched tapestry set, as well as some modern multi-directional four wheeled pieces.  Naturally none of these pieces have wheels, shoulder straps or any modern fittings, they are however, well made, commodious, and cute.  Since I am driving to LA and can use the hotel cart for moving them, they will work well for Costume College.  

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